01/26/2014 11:56 EST

Pictures Of Banff National Park Through The Eyes Of Resource Management Officers (PHOTOS)

Parks Canada

A visit to one of Alberta's beautiful national or provincial parks can be exhilarating, especially if you have the pleasure of spotting some wildlife while you're there.

But what about the people who work to keep those animals safe? Resource management officers have the unique privilege of interacting and protecting some of the country's most beautiful wild animals - bears, lynx and elk, included.

Parks Canada has shared some of the most remarkable photos captured by staff on patrol in Banff National Park last year. The managers respond to emergency animal situations and help keep the public a safe distance away from animals passing through. They are witness to excitement, and heartbreak, that very few Canadians will ever experience.

But by sharing their incredible stories and the photos that go along with them, they help us better understand what's happening in our big, wild backyard.

Check out some of these amazing accounts as documented by Banff National Park resource management staff in 2013:

Banff National Park Through The Eyes Of Officers

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