01/26/2014 07:46 EST | Updated 03/28/2014 05:59 EDT

Chilean man under Pinochet regime breaks silence after 40 years

For Chileans living under the military rule of Augusto Pinochet, silence was golden.

The 40th anniversary of the coup that toppled Salvador Allende in 1973 seems to have broken the silence. Forty years is a milestone that seems to have allowed wounds to become scars and people to open up and tell their stories.

One of those people who lived under Pinochet’s regime of censorship finally told his harrowing story to his son in the documentary Black Box on The Sunday Edition with Michael Enright.

CBC’s Tomas Urbina spoke to his father Francisco in his native Chile.

Tomas knew virtually nothing about his father’s struggles, nor those of his people. He always sidestepped the issue and was told not to ask. For the first time the two sat together and shared the story.

Listen to Tomas Urbina's documentary Black Box.