01/27/2014 09:19 EST | Updated 03/29/2014 05:59 EDT

Montrealer Jennifer Gasoi calls her first Grammy win 'wild'

Jennifer Gasoi will be back home in Montreal Tuesday afternoon as Canada’s first Grammy Award winner for best children’s album.

The Montreal-based, Vancouver-born, musician says winning a Grammy for her album Throw a Penny in the Wishing Well was ‘divine’.

“It was almost like I was on automatic pilot...I just got up. It was wild,” Gasoi said, who crafts jazz-based tunes meant to appeal to both tots and their parents.

“I got up on stage and I thought: I hope she said my name — what if I made a mistake? But it was me...It felt divine. I just glided down the red carpet — I don’t even remember walking.”

Once she accepted her award, Gasoi soaked up every minute backstage speaking with reporters and posing for photographs.

“I did a whole photo shoot for People magazine. It was wild.”

Gasoi says since her Grammy win this weekend, her email and social media pages have been overflowing with congratulatory messages — and she will take the time to sift through all of them.

The Grammy’s in the mail

Gasoi returns to Montreal Tuesday, but she won’t have her Grammy in hand.

After the winner’s acceptance speech on stage, the Grammy stays in Los Angeles.

“They actually engrave them with your name and album title,” Gasoi explained, adding that she met one of the people who handcrafts the gold trophy when she attended at a nominees’ party held on the eve of the awards’ ceremony.

“I met one of the four people who crafts the Grammys. Each one takes 15 hours to handcraft, so it just makes it even more special. I’m going to be receiving it in the mail in the next 4 weeks.”