01/28/2014 13:52 EST | Updated 03/30/2014 05:59 EDT

Driver that smashed RCMP cruisers could face charges

The alleged driver of a jeep that smashed into two RCMP cruisers and injured two officers in the parking lot of the Newton detachment could be facing charges soon.

The 47-year-old man involved in the bizarre incident is scheduled to make an appearance this morning in Surrey Provincial Court.

Shortly before 3 p.m. PT Monday, police say a green jeep travelling through the Newton detachment police parking lot, hit a parked police car, pushing it into another police car. 

Witness Manish Bird, who heard the crash, says the driver did not appear to brake.

"We didn't hear the tires screeching or anything and then there was a loud noise...then we saw there was a green jeep. It just rammed into this car and then all the other cops came in."

An officer, who was on foot, was pinned between two cars and was taken to hospital with minor leg injuries.

A female corporal, who was working on her computer in the first car struck, suffered bruising to her left shoulder and a torn rotator cuff. Both were treated and released.

Originally police reported the pair had been seriously hurt, but said Tuesday the injuries were not as serious as first thought.

Charges considered

Surrey RCMP Sergeant Dale Carr says traffic reconstruction crews were taking measurements in the hours following the crash.

"Based on just looking at the crash we can say that there was some significant speed involved. It takes a lot force a lot of impact to move two vehicles the significant amount of space that they were moved."

The jeep has been impounded and police continue to compile evidence for potential charges.