01/28/2014 20:42 EST | Updated 03/30/2014 05:59 EDT

Fight at Atwater metro station prompts safety concerns

The role of onlookers is being raised after a homeless man was beaten up at the Atwater metro station 

Jason Murray was battered steps away from the entrance to Dawson College, and the incident was caught on video and posted online.

Murray says he knows who assaulted him, and they straightened things out.

“I was trying to be boastful. I was a tough guy, and I was trying to demonstrate moves and stuff like that, and I got my ass kicked. But I deserved it,” Murray said.

Police confirm the 44-year-old homeless man does not want to press charges.    

Fight broke out close to Dawson College

The incident happened steps away from Dawson College’s underground entrance — one of the places where the homeless often congregate.

“They've been there since we can remember. It's been sort of traditional. This is sort of the edge of downtown — it comes with the territory,” said Dawson College spokeswoman Donna Varrica, adding that she’s noticed an increased police presence in and around the metro station.

Montreal police say they often increase patrols on cold winter days.

“There are different teams that work on the field to make sure that homeless people are safe,” said Montreal police spokesman Simon Delorme.

Officials at Dawson are warning students to call 9-1-1 if they witness a fight.

“If we see any kind of violence, we try not to intervene because you often get in over your head, but rather that you call police,” Varrica said.

In this case, the witness recorded the entire attack, posted it online, and never alerted police.

“If someone wants to record it, we don't have any problem, but at least call the emergency response,” Delorme said.