01/28/2014 12:00 EST

The Scariest And Coolest Makeup Transformation We've Ever Seen (PHOTOS)

Stephanie Fernandez/REX

Every day is Halloween for Stephanie Fernandez.

The self-taught teenage makeup artist from Louisiana, who has been transforming herself into beautiful and frightening creatures for the past four years, is making a name for herself thanks to her electrifying photos.

The 18-year-old's latest series "Colors of my Mind' interprets colours into realistic representations of what they mean to her, which often result in scary makeup looks straight out of our nightmares.

For example, the colour red made Stephanie think of "lipstick, blood, hearts, horror movies, romanticism" which resulted in a "bullet wound" painted on her chest and blood pouring out of her eyes.

One of the scariest transformations (in our opinion) was the black makeup series, which saw Stephanie change into a white-eyed demon with a gaping black hole in lieu of a mouth, as if she is constantly screaming.

With a penchant for the supernatural and the downright terrifying, Stephanie also likes to share her tips and tricks on how she gets her signature creepy looks with video tutorials.

Talking about her inspirations for her work, Stephanie says: "I am an artist and was born with art in my heart. I have always been a fan of character transformation and I was about 14 years old when I first decided to experiment with makeup. What started out as a bored day at home experimenting with makeup, has become my career aspiration, reputation and ultimately the love of my life."

The power of makeup transformations has become a trendy pastime; just recently, a Russian photographer and artist created 2D images on models' faces and a talented Reddit user made the Internet scratch its head with a cool robot leg that was painted on her.

Check out the cool photos here:

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