01/28/2014 05:41 EST | Updated 01/28/2014 05:59 EST

World's Fastest Trail Dog Lives In Port Moody (VIDEO)

Bryan and Kaia from Foxwood Films on Vimeo.

Mountain biker Bryan Gregory took his dog Kaia with him on the trails one day to see if she could keep up with him. But instead it was Gregory who couldn't keep up with the speedy pup.

A Vimeo film shows the Port Moody biker and his Border Collie ripping through a local trail, and while both man and dog demonstrate extreme speed, it doesn't take long for Kaia to maintain an obvious lead. The video has gained serious momentum itself, being shared on multiple mountain biker sites that are now dubbing the adorable pooch the "world's fastest trail dog".

"Is Kaia The World's Fastest Trail Dog?" asks. "Impossible To Keep Up with the World's Fastest Trail Dog," writes

Gregory runs Foxwood Films (the company under which the video was released) with his two friends Jonathan Kang and Nathan Mu, Global News reports.

We’ve been shooting mountain bike films for a while now,” Kang told the news outlet. “We just meant for this to be a smaller project, but it got bigger because I guess people really like dogs.”

According to Tri-Cities NOW, the video, filmed in Port Moody's Bert Flinn Park, took about four hours to shoot and another few to edit.

"This one is weird," Gregory told the newspaper. "We usually put a lot more effort into our videos."

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