01/29/2014 10:16 EST

Rick Mercer: It's Not A Polar Vortex, It's Called Winter (VIDEO)

It's been a particularly harsh winter so far, but, according to Rick Mercer, that's what modern Canadians say every year.

In his rant Tuesday night, Mercer mocked urban Canadians like himself for acting surprised when winter is cold.

"When it snows or gets cold, or when the rain turns to ice and it gets slippery, it comes as a complete and total shock," Mercer said. "We like to think we're good at winter but we’re not anymore. And it seems like every year we’re all getting worse."

Mercer admits he's part of the problem, but pledges that next year he'll be prepared. His mantra?

"Let's say it together people. This is not new, it's not a polar vortex, it happens every year. It's called winter."

Amen to that.

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