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Scott MacIntyre -- Who Is The Man Suing Rob Ford?

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford leaves city hall for the day after councillors passed motions to limit his powers on Monday November 18, 2013 THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Young

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is facing yet another scandal related to his alleged relationships to the criminal underworld. This time, it's a lawsuit alleging that Ford played a role in orchestrating a jailhouse beating of Scott MacIntyre, the former common-law partner of Ford's sister, Kathy.

MacIntyre, a convicted drug dealer, has a criminal record stretching back almost three decades.

MacIntyre has had a long history with the Ford family. He was in an on-again, off-again relationship with Kathy Ford since at least 2005, according to The Globe and Mail. In 2008, MacIntyre shot Kathy in the face. The incident was deemed an accident.

More recently MacIntyre's relationship with the Ford family seems to have soured. In January 2012, he entered Rob Ford's home and got into a heated argument with the mayor. According to the Toronto Sun, MacIntyre was looking for Kathy. He later uttered a number of death threats about Rob Ford to a police constable including saying that he was going to shoot the mayor. He was later charged for the incident at the mayor's home and plead guilty.

In March 2012, while in jail, MacIntyre was beaten. The attack broke his leg and caused him to lose teeth. This attack is the subject of the lawsuit filed Wednesday. The statement of claim can be seen below.

In June 2012, at MacIntyre's sentencing hearing, the Fords spoke up for MacIntyre, urging that he not face further jail time and that Kathy Ford be allowed to contact him and help him with his drug counselling, the Toronto Sun reported. The judge denied the request.

Rob Ford: Statement of claim issued 2014.01.29

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