01/29/2014 06:28 EST | Updated 03/31/2014 05:59 EDT

Stolen ID, forgery operation found during traffic stop

A 27-year-old Surrey man has been arrested after RCMP allegedly found bags of stolen mail and hundreds of pieces of stolen ID in a vehicle during a traffic stop.

Benjamin Best was driving in the Lower Lonsdale area in a rented cube van when he was stopped by North Vancouver RCMP on Jan. 15.

Police allege they found bags of mail and identification including passports, driver's licences, SIN cards and credit cards belonging to other people inside the van.

They also recovered sophisticated equipment used for forging documents and zap straps, balaclava, pepper spray, handcuffs and knives, which were part of a robbery kit, police say.

RCMP say the stolen items were taken during robberies, break and enters, and thefts from vehicles and mailboxes from around the Metro Vancouver area.

More than 500 potential victims may have had their mail or identification taken. Police are asking anyone who may have had their ID or mail stolen to contact their local police agency.

Best is charged with identity fraud under section 403 of the Criminal Code and is scheduled to make his next court appearance Feb. 11. Best could be facing more charges, said Cpl. Richard De Jong in a statement.