01/29/2014 03:38 EST | Updated 01/29/2014 03:59 EST

Valentine's Day Lingerie: Sexy Lace Underwear To Impress Your Lover With (PHOTOS)


So you want to get a Valentine's Day gift for your special someone but you don't want to get them dinner, chocolates or a bad tie.

Rather than spend money on gifts that he or she will probably forget in a few weeks, why don't you get your lover the gift that keeps on giving: Valentine's Day lingerie!

Not only can sexy lace lingerie be enjoyed by both parties but underwear can be worn all year round.

So, to help you find the perfect V-Day lingerie, whether you're into sheer, lace, thongs, garter belts, babydolls or slips, we rounded up a bunch of our picks.

Good luck and have fun!

Valentine's Day Lingerie