01/30/2014 11:47 EST

Road Rage In New Westminster Caught On Dashcam (VIDEO)

UPDATE: 3:10 p.m. — One of the drivers involved in this road rage incident was issued a violation ticket for driving offences, but the individual's identity is not being released for privacy reasons, New Westminster police Staff Sgt. Paul Hyland told The Huffington Post B.C.

Road rage erupted into a fight in New Westminster after a driver refused to let a car pass him on a busy street last summer.

A dashcam video uploaded to YouTube on June 21, 2013 shows a man in a Ford Focus dramatically pulling in front of a Honda before hopping out of his car and trading blows with the second driver (it starts up around the 1:23 mark).

The two tangle while traffic is stopped before they jump in their cars and go at it again on the road, with the driver of the Focus refusing to let the other man go past.

The driver of the Honda jumps out of his car to confront the other man at a red light before they hit the road once more, with the man in the Focus flagrantly cutting off the Honda before the video ends.

This isn't the first time that B.C. road rage incidents have been caught on tape. A video uploaded to YouTube last summer saw a young man tangle with an older driver in North Vancouver after he nearly hit his BMW.

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