01/30/2014 10:50 EST | Updated 01/31/2014 07:59 EST

'Set Yourself Free' PSA Goes In A Completely Unexpected Direction (VIDEO)

WARNING: Graphic images contained in the video above. This story has been updated from the original version.

Teenage kids sneak out of their houses and drive to the beach to play hooky from school. And since you know this video is a PSA, you think you have an idea where this is heading. But you're wrong.

With a rather literal approach to scaring kids into staying in school, this ad from Australian duo Henry & Aaron goes where possibly no after-school special has gone before — and we're not going to ruin your first impression by telling you what happens before you see it.

By many reports, the video wasn't funded by a non-profit educational institution (as claimed at the end), but instead, was the effort of this comedy pair known for their viral videos that are meant to shock. Which, everyone will likely agree, it certainly did.

Watch above, and then tell us — would this have kept you from skipping school?

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