01/31/2014 02:30 EST | Updated 02/10/2014 04:59 EST

Cute Valentine's Day Ideas For Her: What To Get The Gal Who Loves Travel

Igor Demchenkov via Getty Images

Whoever said "love will find a way" never spent hours in a busy mall searching for the perfect present for their special someone.

And if the girl in your life loves to travel, you already know the mundane heart-shaped chocolates won't do the trick for a woman always looking for an adventure.

A gift to a lady with a love for travel can take many forms, big or small. It could mean planning a vacation together with your Valentine as a weekend escape, or simply sending her a postcard instead of a traditional email or text message.

If the lady in your life is always planning her next trip, the right Valentine's Day gift will have to go a step further. It could mean a hand-picked glass of wine that takes her back to wine-tasting days in California or a travel book that'll add even more notes to her growing bucket list.

If you're stumped, these gifts are a good starting place for your jet-setting Valentine and at the very least, will work as a memento to accompany her on her next adventure when you can't.

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10 Valentine's Day Gifts For Women Who Love Travel