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34 Signs You Grew Up In Vancouver In The '80s

Vancouver may now be a sophisticated city of soaring glass towers with sushi restaurants on every corner, but let's not forget there was a simpler time. A time when SeaBuses were orange, Science World wasn’t a world yet, and something called Expo 86 defined the city.

If you grew up in Vancouver in the ‘80s, this list is for you:

  • You tried to phone into Switchback on Sunday mornings.
  • Expo Ernie was a rock star.
  • You went to see 21 Jump Street being filmed...
    ... and would have died if you caught a glimpse of Johnny Depp. Credit: Fanpop
  • You thought Penhall was cuter than Hanson.
    Credit: Fanpop
  • The whole city stood still for this:
  • Birthday parties at the Burnaby Chuck E. Cheese were great...
    ... even though you dropped $5 at skee ball and all you won was a lousy rubber snake. Credit: The Atlantic
  • OK, birthday parties at the McDonald's caboose were also awesome.
  • You know who Finna, Bjossa and Hyak are.
  • You spent Boxing Day at A&B Sound...
    ... and nearly got into a fight with someone over the last Sony Walkman priced at $29.99.
  • You think "The Steamer" is a perfectly acceptable and not at all hilarious nickname for someone.
    Credit: Vancouver Canucks
  • You went to Playland to visit with Garfield.
  • There was no Science World. Just the Arts, Sciences and Technology Centre in a Granville Street basement
  • This was pure elation.
  • The only radio station worth listening to was LG73.
  • The Bow Mac sign indicated where cars were sold, not toys.
  • You actually went to the Expo that the Expo Line is named after.
  • You used paper bus transfers.
  • You knew Bryan Adams...
    Well, you knew an older brother who had a friend who knew a guy who had a cousin who went to school with Bryan Adams.
  • You know why Canucks' fans wave white towels.
    Credit: Vancouver Canucks
  • You visited polar bears at the Stanley Park Zoo.
  • SeaBuses were orange.
  • This was the most magical place on earth.
  • You spent a lot of time lining up to do this, over and over again.
  • You showed off stamps in your Expo '86 passport.
  • You stood outside Woodward's to see the Christmas windows.
  • With a bursting heart, you watched Rick Hansen come home.
  • You know Sook-Yin Lee from alt-rock band Bob's Your Uncle
  • You got dragged to $1.49 days at Woodwards
    Photo: Museum of Vancouver
  • The main public library was for studying, not buying lingerie.
    It also smelled funny. Photo: Vancouver Heritage Foundation
  • The best road trip was to Bedrock City in Chilliwack
  • Superdogs at the PNE were actually super
  • You cheered for the Vancouver 86ers
  • Cactus Club was a fancy night out.
    Photo: Cactus Club
  • Identifying parts of Vancouver in "MacGyver" was a fun game

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