01/31/2014 12:02 EST | Updated 04/02/2014 05:59 EDT

Solar panel on residental building collapse

Engineers have been called to inspect some solar panels that collapsed on the roof of a residential building in the city’s east end.

The structure, located by the Don Valley Parkway and Eglinton Avenue East, collapsed about a week ago, but police were only alerted when the pole fell to the ground Friday morning.

Wilfrid Blum, project manager and engineer in the solar industry, said this structure always looked like a flimsy, amateur job.

“[It's] very dangerous,” Blum said. “That should never happen, something like this.”

The panels will likely have to be dismantled Friday for safety reason, according to Toronto Police Service's Sgt. David Dube. Until that happens, the scene has been secured and taped off.