02/01/2014 11:59 EST

Alberta Valentine's Day Getaways: Romance In The Mountains

Valentine's Day is often seen by the romantic types as the perfect time for a getaway.

It's a time when couples feel more adventurous and give in to the desire to share in the rites of passage that bring young lovers together and that usher the long-devoted through another milestone. These rites are different for every couple. For some it can be something new or something daring. For others, it can simply be the act of surrendering ton one another in a warm embrace, while sitting by a crackling fire in the winter night.

Standing in awe of breathtaking sights, staying in iconic palaces, and sharing it all with someone you love can be the perfect catalyst for what your romantic side craves.

And there are few sights and iconic places that can conjure up romance like the Rocky Mountains in a gentle winter day.

From a luxurious stay in the Castle in the Mountains, to cozy nights in a cabin, to a helicopter ride to a glacier, these are the most epic Valentine's Day getaways in the Alberta Rocky Mountains.

Click through the slideshow below for a list of these most magical destinations.

Romantic Mountain Getaways