02/01/2014 09:55 EST | Updated 02/01/2014 10:59 EST

Here Are Music's 11 Coolest Cats To Celebrate The Kitten Bowl (VIDEO)

Young Turks/XL

It’s a good week to be a cat. On Tuesday, they got their first ever cat cafe in North America, Cafe Chat Hereux, which is set to open in Montreal this summer. And on Sunday, they will get their very own marquee Super Bowl counter-programming event: The Kitten Bowl.

That’s right. After years of being relegated to the halftime show of Animal Planet’s beloved bonanza of overloading cuteness, The Puppy Bowl, kittens will finally be the stars of their very own vaguely football-related spectacle for the Hallmark Channel.

This is clearly a natural progression for the world’s most revered cheezburger-cravers. Since the golden days of ancient Egyptian civilization, the Felis silvestris catus has been stealthily and unrelentingly working its way into every facet of our art and culture from wall paintings and sculpture to film, skit comedy and, of course, the internet.

Most recently, cats officially conquered the popular music world. This has been a fairly long-standing campaign on our furry friends’ parts, with its roots dating back to their less than holy alliances with artists like The Cure in the early eighties and Paula Abdul a decade later. Over the past few years, though, the cat infiltration has picked up a lot of steam thanks to relationships and magical dances with Bjork and perfume lines with Katy Perry and even the formation of their very own rock all-cat rock band, The Rock Cats.

To celebrate our feline friends' continuing pop culture victories –- and to appease the creatures who are clearly set to become our future overlords –- we’d like to take a minute to look at our favourite musical cats of all time.