02/02/2014 08:40 EST | Updated 02/02/2014 08:59 EST

JC Penney Super Bowl 'Mitten' Tweets Puzzle Social Media Users


We're not sure what happened to JC Penney's Twitter account during the Super Bowl.

The department store's account posted a number of odd tweets during the first half of the Super Bowl.

Many thought the account had been hacked, or that the JC Penney social media manager was drunk, and some just thought that JC Penney was taking a page from the "weird Twitter" playbook.

Of course, the brand soon revealed that they were "tweeting with mittens" and threw in a plug for the US Olympic team while they were at it.

Seeing how the tweets got tens of thousands of RTs, which rivals Oreo's "dunking in the dark moment last year", someone at JC Penney is probably pretty happy their little social media experiment worked.

Us? We'll just be here, cheering on Team Canada.

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