02/02/2014 09:42 EST | Updated 02/02/2014 09:59 EST

Patrick Stewart Beats The Super Bowl (PHOTO)


As Super Bowl XLVIII waned into "super boring" territory with the Seattle Seahawks throttling the Denver Broncos by a mile, TV star and former "Star Trek" captain Patrick Stewart reinvigorated us. Or at least, he looked invigorated.

Stewart posted a picture of himself to his Twitter account, in the middle of a one-armed push-up. As one of our Trekkies in the office points out: "This man is 73!"

Dressed in a Seattle Seahawks jersey, Stewart pumps his other fist in exuberation:

This photo comes on the heels of another tweet earlier in the week, featuring Stewart and his long-time colleague and BFF actor Ian McKellan, who was sporting a Denver Broncos jersey:

You can also watch the American Super Bowl commercials that Canadians didn't see in the slideshow below.