02/04/2014 23:46 EST | Updated 04/06/2014 05:59 EDT

Abdul Ali pleads guilty to disturbance on Vancouver flight

An Australian man who got drunk and went berserk on a China Southern Airlines flight to Vancouver on Sunday has pleaded guilty to causing a disturbance, and will now be deported from Canada.

Abdul Zain Ali was arrested by Richmond RCMP after the 11½-hour  flight from Guangzhou landed at Vancouver International Airport Sunday morning.

The 25-year-old was travelling to Vancouver to visit family, and started drinking on the final leg of his journey, after a nine-hour flight from Sydney and a nine-hour layover.

Ali's lawyer said in Richmond Provincial Court Tuesday that Ali didn't usually drink for religious reasons, but succumbed to the free drinks that were being handed out on the China Southern Airlines flight.

Ali then became disruptive and violent, and began arguing with his cousin, Javed Hussein, who was also on the plane.

"They served him too many drinks, I feel. I feel they didn't do their job properly. I think they should have had a bit more responsibility for what they had to do," Hussein said Tuesday outside the courthouse.

At one point, Ali alarmed passengers by stating he was going for the door.

He was physically restrained by flight attendants and a number of other passengers, including one who had to sit on him. He was arrested in Richmond once the plane landed.

Ali, who pleaded guilty to causing a disturbance, told the judge he was ashamed and embarrassed about what he did.

Ali's aunt, FarrahIbrahim, said the whole incident is regrettable, and that it is totally out of character for her nephew.

"Honestly, he's a good boy. He's always been cheerful and he was looking forward to coming and visiting family in Canada," she said. "Unfortunately, he made a silly mistake and overindulged in alcohol and he's had to pay the price"

Ali was ordered deported back to Australia.

He was also issued a probation order not to consume alcohol on any international flight landing in Canada.