02/04/2014 10:07 EST | Updated 04/06/2014 05:59 EDT

Dude Chilling Park sign gets official public art status

The Dude Chilling Park sign has been officially approved as a piece of public art by the Vancouver Park Board, according to a tweet issued on Monday night.

Vancouver Park Board tweeted that the sign, which was designed to look like a real park sign, would be officially recognized at Guelph Park in East Vancouver.

“It’s official, Guelph Park has some new public art! ‘Dude Chilling Park’ sign just approved by @ParkBoard,” said the tweet issued at 7:43 p.m. PT.

The sign was created by artist Viktor Briestensky and designed to mirror the format of other city park signs. It's original location was near a Michael Dennis sculpture of a lounging figure in Guelph Park.

When park staff noticed the sign last November, it was taken down. But an outpouring of support through social media for the sign led the park board to reconsider.

Local resident Dustin Bromley launched an online petition to save the sign. and eventually agreed have the sign posted in the Brewery Creek Community Garden, which is located inside Guelph Park.

Twitter: Vancouver Park Board

Google Maps: Guelph Park, East Vancouver