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Is Family Day A Stat Holiday?

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On February 17, several provinces across the country will get a statutory holiday for Family Day — perhaps as a way to make the month a bit more bearable.

The second statutory holiday of the year, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, and Saskatchewan have all adopted the third Monday of the month as Family Day since 2008. In British Columbia, Family Day falls on second Monday of the month (February 10) and only become an official statutory holiday in 2013.

People in Manitoba call this day Louis Riel Day, in honour of one of their province's founders, while those in Prince Edward Island have dubbed it Islander Day.

And just like any other statutory holiday, many building and businesses will be closed. In most provinces, provincial government offices, grocery stores, banks, libraries and liquor and beer stores will be closed, while most tourist attractions and malls remain open for a shorter period of time. Federal services, like the passport office and post office, will be open (and yes, mail will be delivered).

But since you possibly have the day off, make most of it. Schedule in some family activities, hit up some attractions in your city, or just stay home and lounge around with your kids (or fur kids). Need more ideas? Check out some of these activities below:

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