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Most Romantic Restaurants In Toronto For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is coming up fast and furious, and since it falls on a Friday night this year, you know restaurant reservations might be tough to attain in Toronto. But besides just acquiring two seats, there's also the question of whether even the most romantic restaurants will be as private as you want them to be on this night of love.

And for those of you not in a relationship? We're going to come right out and suggest you don't head to any of these spots on Valentine's Day — but instead, take advantage of some of these other amazing spots in Toronto that might just have seats available that night.

Here's a list of the most romantic restaurants in Toronto (that can work any date night of the year, not just Valentine's Day), where you'll get a semblance of privacy, and most importantly, an amazing meal:

Most Romantic Restaurants In Toronto

What: Il Mulino

Where: 1060 Eglinton Ave. W. (Eglinton and Bathurst)

Romantic vibes: Chandeliers, widespread tables and

Price point: Three courses (including dessert) average $60 per person.

Where: 12 Brant St. (King and Spadina)

Romantic vibes: Low lights, sink-into-and-stay-there banquettes and arguably the best steak in the city

Price point: Let's just say — there's a 25 oz. T-bone on the menu for $93

Where: 1400 Danforth Ave. (between Greenwood and Coxwell)

Romantic vibes: Red-themed decor, cozy tables ... and eating with your hands is inherently sensual

Price point: Dinner for two for $45

What: Weezie's

Where: 354 King St. E. (King and Parliament)

Romantic vibes: Heavy curtains, blink-and-you-miss-it location, gourmet comfort food

Price point: Dinner for two for $80 easily

What: Adega

Where: 33 Elm St. (Yonge and Dundas)

Romantic vibes: Sultry red walls, a serious wine list and delicious Portuguese seafood

Price point: Mains between $20 to $30, according to Toronto Life

What: Spuntini

Where: 116 Avenue Rd. (between Davenport and Bloor)

Romantic vibes: Candles on every table, curtains allowing for privacy, tables tucked into nooks

Price point: Three-course meals for $50 per person

What: Cava

Where: 1560 Yonge St. (north of St. Clair)

Romantic vibes: Well-separate tables, low lighting and plates meant for sharing

Price point: Dinner for two for around $130

Where: 588 College St. (between Bathurst and Ossington)

Romantic vibes: Intimate tables and a hard-to-get reservation means you'll have tons of privacy

Price point: $120 for dinner for two with wine, tax and tip, according to the Globe and Mail, though it's probably closer to $160

Where: 37 Elm St. (Yonge and Dundas)

Romantic vibes: The three rooms of this spot provide plenty of options — not to mention an ideal place to eat if you're heading to the theatre after

Price point: Four courses average about $45 per person

Where: 2088 Yonge St. (between Davisville and Eglinton)

Romantic vibes: The patina and dim lighting of this spot make this a more casual, sexy dinner

Price point: Dinner for two can be had for $80

What: George

Where: 111C Queen St. E. (Queen and Church)

Romantic vibes: There's a lot of tables, but also, a lot of space between them — and the decor is simply swoon-worthy.

Price point: Three courses will run each person a pricey $60 each; five-course tasting menus starting at $80.

What: Kalendar

Where: 546 College St. (College and Bathurst)

Romantic vibes: Decor that combines wood and glam, an accessible (read: delicious but original) menu and cozy booths

Price point: You could easily have dinner for two for $110

Where: 492 Queen St. W. (east of Bathurst)

Romantic vibes: Dim lights, French food and a real love for champagne

Price point: A very filling three courses for average of $50 per person; three-course prix fixe for $35 a person

Where: 4150 Yonge St. (Yonge and York Mills)

Romantic vibes: Wood-burning fireplaces, dining room chairs that feel more like armchairs and the general ambiance of a French country home.

Price point: Three courses (including dessert) average $75 per person.

Where: 581 Mount Pleasant Rd. (north of Davisville)

Romantic vibes: Lovely plating, plenty of room for couples and a decor reminiscent of (what else?) a French bistro

Price point: Two can dine for $100

Where: 202 Dovercourt Rd. (west of Dundas and Ossington)

Romantic vibes: Twinkle lights? Plastic tablecloths? We love it!

Price point: Dinner for two for $80

What: Canoe

Where: 66 Wellington St. W., 54th floor (just west of Bay)

Romantic vibes: A view that literally no other restaurant in the city can compete with

Price point: Dinner can easily cost $180 per couple

What: Caffino

Where: 1185 King Street West (at Dufferin)

Romantic vibes: It's hard not to feel romanced by the fireplaces, cafe-style chairs and flowers on each table. There's a reason it's also a popular (small) wedding venue

Price point: Dinner for two for $110

Where: 634 Church St. (at Bloor)

Romantic vibes: Lots of space for pairs, and lots of space between tables makes for intimate dinners

Price point: Dinner for two for $75

Where: 1710 Queen St. W. (at Roncesvalles)

Romantic vibes: Chalkboard menus, cozy tables, incredibly good pasta

Price point: Mains between $20 to $30, according to Toronto Life

What: Pic Nic

Where: 747 Queen St. E. (east of Broadview)

Romantic vibes: Say it with us — wine bar. That, plus cozy tables and great sharing plates make this an ideal date spot.

Price point: Dinner for two for $65 — though it all depends on how much wine you drink

What: Joso's

Where: 202 Davenport Rd. (at Avenue Rd.)

Romantic vibes: Filled with the owners' art and music (which yes, features plenty of naked women), this classic spot seems built for couples.

Price point: It's easy to spend a lot (like $80 a person a lot) for dinner

Where: 225 Richmond St. W. (Queen and University)

Romantic vibes: A great view, a wood-burning fireplace, and for such an expansive room, a surprisingly intimate feeling

Price point: Dinner for two can easily run to $140

What: Union

Where: 72 Ossington Ave. (north of Queen)

Romantic vibes: Dining in a couple but still want a crowd? Union always suits pairs without needing to get all dark and cozy about it — and there are plenty of shareable plates

Price point: Dinner for two for approximately $110

Where: 420 College St. (at Bathurst)

Romantic vibes: Lighting via stunning Persian lanterns, jewel tones and food that truly satisfies

Price point: Dinner for two for $70

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