02/05/2014 09:41 EST | Updated 02/05/2014 09:59 EST

Gwen Stefani Criticized For Calling Herself 'Chunky' In Old Photo (VIDEO)

A celebrity throwback photo is causing a lot of controversy, but not because of its contents.

Gwen Stefani tweeted a vintage pic of herself getting an autograph from singer Sting and captioned it, "Chunky me 1983. getting @officialsting autograph backstage. cut to . . ."

In the pic, the teenager shows off her budding edgy style wearing a mohawk-inspired hairstyle that was long at the front and short at the sides and sports a yellow sweater, khaki shorts and white slingback flats.

But the mom's seemingly harsh critique of her body isn't sitting well with some of her fans.

Yahoo! Shine even posted a story called "Gwen Stefani's Comments About Her "Chunky" Body Make Us Sad."

But not everyone was offended by the singer's comment. defended the No Doubt frontwoman's remarks, saying "Why is everyone so quick to criticize Gwen? I, for one, have certainly said the same sort of offhand comment when an old college photo of me bubbles up; I look like me but...puffier."

Others took to Twitter to support Gwen's words.

What do you think? Are you offended by Gwen's comments or are they no big deal?

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