02/05/2014 03:05 EST | Updated 04/07/2014 05:59 EDT

New Brunswick NDP leader says he would cut cabinet, management to save $213M

FREDERICTON - The leader of New Brunswick's New Democrats says the provincial government could save $213 million by implementing his list of cost-cutting suggestions.

Dominic Cardy says an NDP government would significantly slash senior management in government and decrease the size of the cabinet to 10 ministers from 17.

Cardy says he would also follow through with a promise made by the last Liberal government to centralize common government services.

He says his party would end large corporate handouts and roll back property tax breaks for those he says need it the least.

Cardy says there are many other ways to save, such as having members use spare offices in government buildings rather than paying out almost $4 million a year in rent for office space.

The suggestions come a day after the Progressive Conservative government presented a budget with a projected deficit of $391 million for the year ahead.