02/05/2014 04:53 EST | Updated 02/05/2014 04:59 EST

Plagiarism Rap Video Steals From Everyone To Make A Point

In the music industry there are often allegations of artists ripping-off lyrics and sampling songs without permission, but we've never seen such blatant stealing before.

Famous words spoken by everyone from Bob and Doug MacKenzie to Walter White and Walt Whitman show up in this new rap video, featuring Edmonton-based rappers Mitchmatic and Mikey Maybe laying down lyrics snatched from all areas and eras of pop-culture.

It’s one of three videos by the University of Alberta designed as "part of a larger push to spark an honest discussion about cheating," said the school in a press release.

We love this creative way to get of getting students' attention and these videos are fresh and hilarious.

Check out some of the other funny videos they've put together on cheating and plagiarism:

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