02/05/2014 10:31 EST | Updated 02/05/2014 10:59 EST

Vancouver Real Estate: 3D Scanning Technology Could Change Market

If drones can help you pick a new home, why can't 3D technology?

Vancouver-based animation company LNG Studios has introduced a new innovation that it says will "radically" change the way real estate is marketed and sold.

The 3D-scanning technology allows prospective renters and buyers to "walk" through a desired space on their computer. The scanner calculates precise dimensions and can capture objects, colours, and textures, giving browsers an accurate interpretation of the property.

"This 3D rendering allows a potential buyer to fly through the space with full control in first-person perspective, while adding items, enhancing existing ones and measuring the length of any walls or interior elements," states a press release. In short, the camera also may revolutionize interior design work.

"Beyond that, buyers can also change the colour of walls, swap out furniture or appliance to give them a complete virtual look of their future home before they buy."

Would you use it?

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