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2014 Olympics Already Suck Compared To Vancouver Games

The Vancouver 2010 Olympics look so hot right now.

Reporters have been tweeting some shocking photos from Sochi that show the state of preparedness in the host city for the 2014 Olympics. There are power outages, dirty water and toilets that can't even handle toilet paper.

The conditions are so bad they've inspired their own Twitter account.

Canadians already know that they did the Games better. Here's why:

  • Sochi: No One's Coming
    Tourists aren't exactly lining up to join in on the fun.
  • Vancouver: Happy People Swarm City Streets
    People came from all over the world, packed the streets and had an AMAZING time during the Vancouver Games.
  • Sochi: Dirty, Unfinished Hotels
    Twitter: Greg Wyshynski
    Issues always crop up during construction. But they don't always include murky water and TOILETS THAT CAN'T FLUSH TOILET PAPER!
  • Vancouver: Shiny, Brand New Buildings
    THIS is what a hotel is supposed to look like at Games-time.
  • Sochi: Gay Censorship
    Getty Images
    Russia is aggressively censoring gay people ahead of the Games. President Vladimir Putin assures visitors that gays are welcome in Sochi, but just "leave the kids alone," okay?
  • Vancouver: PRIDE House Welcomed The World
    For the first time in Olympic history, an official gathering place was set up for LGBT athletes, officials and fans. Thousands of people used PRIDE House to kick back and enjoy the Games and the company.
  • Vancouver: This Is The Most Censorship We Saw
    The IOC got its knickers in a knot over a boxing kangaroo banner that Australian athletes hung in the village.
  • Sochi: ~$50 Billion
    Getty Images
    The Sochi Games are expected to cost more than all previous Winter Olympics COMBINED.
  • Vancouver: ~$7 Billion
    Getty Images
    It's amazing how $7 billion can seem like not a lot of money.
  • Sochi: The Olympic Torch Is A Fire Hazard
    The Sochi Olympic torch won't stay lit. And sometimes it explodes.
  • Vancouver: Olympic Cauldron Malfunction
    Getty Images
    The Olympic cauldron wouldn't totally light up but after that short mishap, it became a popular symbol for the Games.
  • Sochi: Vladimir Putin And His Leopard Friend
    Getty Images
    Vladimir Putin + fuzzy leopard = dangerous.
  • Vancouver: Gordon Campbell And His Mittens
    The Globe and Mail
    B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell + red mittens = definitely not dangerous.
  • Sochi: Surveillance In Hotels
    Getty Images
    Dmitry Kozak, Russia's deputy prime minister responsible for Olympic preparations, basically said that people are being watched in the shower: "We have surveillance video from the hotels that shows people turn on the shower, direct the nozzle at the wall and then leave the room for the whole day." Um, creepy.
  • Vancouver: Surveillance At Games Venues
    HuffPost B.C.
    No one was spied on in the showers. We don't think.
  • All Things Considered..
    The Vancouver Games were a wicked awesome time.
  • And Sochi?
    Twitter: Kamil Wolnicki
    Well... we'll see.

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