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Juno Nominee Deadmau5 Trolls Ferrari Fanatics With Nyan Cat Car

Deadmau5 arrives at the Juno Awards on Sunday, April 1, 2012, in Ottawa, Ontario. (AP Photo/Arthur Mola)

Canadian superstar DJ/producer Deadmau5 (Joel Zimmerman) was unmoved by the media circus of the 2014 Juno Award nominations, revealed in downtown Toronto on Feb. 4th.

The progressive house producer, know for his eclectic and high-energy shows where he performs while wearing a stylized, often neon-lit mouse head, had no opinion on Robin Thicke's scheduled performance at the 2014 Juno Awards in Winnipeg, MB or on the controversial content of the pop star's problematic hit "Blurred Lines" -- which has drawn harsh criticism over its treatment of women -- stating that he has "never heard it."

When the topic shifts to video games, however, Deadmau5 becomes positively ebullient, wishing he had more time to score and contribute more tracks to games. When asked about any upcoming game-related projects, the producer lamented "I was supposed to, but I didn't have time. I was supposed to do something for 'Counter-Strike,' but I fucked up."

Deadmau5' lack of time is attributable to the 25-track, two-disc record the producer announced he had completed in early January. This followed close on the heels of the '7' playlist released via his Soundcloud in November 2013, each of the tracks dedicated to one of the seven deadly sins. (Though earlier this year he deactivated his Soundcloud account, after 33 million plays.)

In his limited time outside of the studio, Deadmau5 has managed to delight denizens of the internet while simultaneously trolling car fanatics the world over by giving his Ferarri Spider 458 a Nyan Cat makeover.

A custom vinyl wrap was applied to the full body of the car, prominently featuring a design of the cartoon cat, whose body is made of a PopTart, flying across the sky with a rainbow trailing from its butt. Deadmau5 revealed that the design is a tribute to his own cat, Professor Meowingtons PhD, who has an impressive online following himself.

Deadmau5 jokes that the design, rather than destroying the car as some vehicle aficionados have claimed, has improved his Ferarri's performance: "it's up to like 800 horsepower with the paint." Is cat power different from horse power? "I have to work out how many cats it takes to equal one horsepower," Deadmau5 says.

"How do they judge horsepower? It's a horse, right? Like one horse can do this? Why don't they have pussy horses that can do, like half that shit? What is it that a horse can pull that warrants it being a horsepower thing? I want to figure out then how many cats it would take to carry whatever it is to warrant one horsepower."

When it comes to the power of cats, are internet cats more powerful than garden variety house cats? "Too many variables. But I do want to know the cat power."

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