02/06/2014 10:29 EST | Updated 04/08/2014 05:59 EDT

Drive-thru windows not wanted in Nelson, says council

The City of Nelson, B.C., has made it tougher for fast food restaurants to put in a drive-through window with a bylaw requiring restaurateurs to ask special permission to install one.

There is only one drive through restaurant in Nelson, tucked away in an industrial part of town, and Counc. Deb Kozak says locals appear to like it that way.

"'People are thinking that it just doesn't make sense to long-term sustainability where you have a place where you drive up with your car  pick stuff up and keep going instead of stopping to get a meal.

"As well I think people are concerned about C02 emissions," said Kozak.

Kozak was not in favour of the change, but says most locals seemed to want drive-throughs banned, particularly in the historic centre of town.

The new law does not actually ban drive-thrus though, it just makes it harder for restaurants to put them in.

She calls the move "a very Nelson" thing to do.