02/06/2014 13:09 EST | Updated 04/08/2014 05:59 EDT

Homeless men kicked in groins for cash in online video

Vancouver police are looking for some men involved in a disturbing video shot in the Granville Mall that shows a young man kicking two panhandlers in the groin for money on Sunday evening.

In the video, which was posted on YouTube briefly before being taken down, a younger, heavy-set man throws some money on the sidewalk outside the Roxy pub, and an older man can be seen struggling to pick it up.             

"You want the money or what? You want the f------- money or what?" shouts the younger man.

"I do," the man replies, and the younger man kicks him.

Someone then shouts, "Do it again," and as a crowd watches, the heavy-set man tries repeatedly to kick the man in the groin.

Then another apparent panhandler steps in and apparently volunteers to be kicked in the groin for some money.      

The heavy-set man hands him money, and then runs at him, and kicks him in the groin while the crowd continues to cheer.

He then chases the man across Granville Street, pushes him to the ground and appears to take the money back from him.

It's unclear if those getting kicked are homeless, panhandlers or intoxicated, or why they agreed.

Police say they want to speak to everyone involved.