02/07/2014 09:08 EST | Updated 04/09/2014 05:59 EDT

Canada gains 29,400 jobs in January

Canada gained 29,400 jobs in January, which pushed down the unemployment rate 0.2 percentage points to seven per cent, according to the latest labour force survey released today by Statistics Canada.

The January increase was the result of a rise in full-time work, the agency said, and was a welcome change from the 45,900 jobs lost in December.

Most of the job gains were in transportation and warehousing, which together gained 15,000 jobs

Business, building and other support services lost 25,000 jobs, which brought employment in that sector back to what it was 12 months earlier, Statistics Canada said.

Public administration shed 16,000 jobs in January, and when compared with a year earlier, employment was down 58,000, a drop of 5.8 per cent. That, Statistics Canada, made it the only industry with an employment decline over the period.

The U.S. also released job numbers Friday. It added 113,000 jobs, fewer than the monthly average for 2013, which was 194,000, but more than the 75,000 jobs gained in December, the lowest increase in three years. 

Payroll firm ADP had said on Wednesday that the private sector in the U.S. had added 175,000 jobs, although its numbers are usually higher than the official government figures.