02/07/2014 12:01 EST | Updated 02/08/2014 04:59 EST

Olympic Opening Ceremony 2014: Outfits And Costumes At The Sochi Winter Games (PHOTOS)

The Olympics are here! The Olympics are here!

The 2014 winter Olympic opening ceremony kicked off the biggest sporting event of the year on Friday, Feb. 7, and the world's best athletes came to show their team spirit in Sochi, Russia.

88 nations were represented at the Parade of Nations, which is one of the best known Olympics spectacles. The Parade is when all of the athletes representing their countries walk around the arena dressed to the nines in their patriotic gear while in alphabetical order by country name.

This year, Team Canada is outfitted by HBC and they certainly looked patriotic chic on Friday in their snazzy red and black toggle coats and toques.

Take a look at the outfits and costumes from the Olympic opening ceremony:

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