02/07/2014 07:09 EST | Updated 02/07/2014 07:59 EST

Robyn Doolittle Talks Rob Ford On Jon Stewart's 'Daily Show'

Toronto Star reporter Robyn Doolittle sat down with Jon Stewart to discuss her new book on Rob Ford for Thursday night's Daily Show.

As usual, Stewart was left shaking his head as Doolittle recounted some of Ford's behaviour captured in her book, "Crazy Town".

Doolittle discussed how she first started looking into the mayor's behaviour after allegations of drug use and domestic abuse began swirling, and the mayor started missing work.

But despite all of the controversy around the mayor over the past year, "his approval ratings show he's around the 40s," Doolittle told Stewart.

And he was quick to react.

"Are you KIDDING me?"

Watch highlights of the interview above, courtesy of Global News.

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