02/09/2014 03:37 EST | Updated 04/11/2014 05:59 EDT

Cloverdale tenants continue fight against eviction

Five tenants of a Cloverdale apartment building in the Pierrefonds-Roxboro borough are refusing to leave despite eviction notices received in November.

Barbara Hudson is one of the tenants at 8677 Anthony Street holding out despite the building owner trying to force them out for an eight-month temporary eviction after selling the building to the city.

Cloverdale Village apartment co-op director Hélène Ciabu Kalonga sent letters dated Oct. 31, 2013 outlining the conditions of the eviction.

Hudson, however, says the eviction notices are illegal because, although they are dated Oct. 31, 2013, they were not received at people’s homes until a few days later. Meanwhile, the letters said tenants had to be out by Jan. 31, 2014.

Hudson says that, as a result, not enough notice was given to evict the tenants. Now the tenants are being taken to the rental board on Feb. 19 to present their case.

“It’s pretty much a shoo-in. They did not give us enough legal notice,” Hudson says. “We’re not leaving. This is totally illegal and somebody has to take a stand.”

Hudson holding out

Hudson and the tenants of four other apartments are the last holdouts in a building that once housed 50 families.

She says intimidation tactics are being used to force out the few who remain.

"I haven't had hot water since Jan. 2. My neighbour upstairs, same thing; the neighbour next door, same thing. He finally got fed up and moved… and on [Feb. 1], we stopped receiving mail,” Hudson says.

She says she went to a Canada Post office to ask why she wasn’t receiving mail, and the employee told her that they had stopped delivering mail because they had been informed the building was abandoned and about to be torn down.

As for hot water, she boils water for five hours a day to be able to get enough to be able to take a hot bath in the evenings.

She believes the building owners are panicking because they are faced with a steep daily fine for each day the building isn’t delivered to the city. “The harder they push the more we’re going to push back,” Hudson says.

Officials with the borough and the housing co-op did not return requests from CBC News for an interview.