02/09/2014 10:04 EST | Updated 04/11/2014 05:59 EDT

Toronto Won't Be Escaping Double-Digit Lows Just Yet

The cold snap will be sticking around Toronto for the next couple of days, though some milder weather should be on the way by mid-week.

The CBC’s Ross Hull reported Sunday evening that the temperature is expected to be in the range of -13 C by mid-morning on Monday, but the windchill will make it feel more like -18 C.

And while the temperature could move up as high as -8 C during the day, Hull said it is expected to dip down to -20 C on Monday night.

But as the week carries on, Hull said that milder temperatures in the negative single digits could be on the way as of mid-week — but those changes in temperature may also come with more snow.

"At this point, it doesn’t look to be heavy amounts of snow," Hull said.

Hull said the normal average daytime high for this time of year is about -1 C, but the temperature has been sitting below that in Toronto for a number of days.