02/10/2014 12:43 EST | Updated 02/10/2014 12:59 EST

Bieber Egging Video Footage Found; Lamborghini Clocked At 136 MPH (REPORTS)

It's been a few days since bad news surrounded Justin Bieber like a cloud of pot smoke -- the kind he filled his private plane with en route to the aptly named Super Bowl. But the drought is over.

Remember the egging incident that kicked off his recent string of run-ins with the police? Well, he actually isn't facing any charges related to the egging despite the 11 (!) patrol cars that executed a search warrant to find the felonious eggs and/or video footage of said felonious eggs in flight. (Bieber's friend, Lil Za, was not so lucky and landed a drug possession charge during the egg raid.)

TMZ reports that video footage of the egging has now been recovered, citing law enforcement sources. TMZ says that the L.A. County District Attorney has found "smoking gun" surveillance video that could lead to felony vandalism. (The homeowner has claimed $20,000 in damages, which is why it may be a felony rather than misdemeanor... as one would assume most eggings would be.)

TMZ says charges would relate to these two pieces of evidence:

From TMZ:

-- Surveillance video during the raid. Our sources say ... the video shows Bieber in the vicinity of the egging at the time of the attack. You don't actually see him throwing eggs, but he's there. Sources connected with Bieber told TMZ earlier the video shows nothing, but that's NOT true. The Sheriff's Department has given the video to the D.A.

-- A video obtained by TMZ in which you hear what sure sounds like Justin Bieber verbally going at it with the neighbor in the middle of the egging. At one point you even hear Bieber screaming, "F*** you! I got another one for you actually." The video is too dark to actually see him.

There are also two eyewitnesses -- the neighbour himself as well as his 13-year-old daughter, who called the egging in to 911. Yep, when tween girls turn on the Biebs, he's in deep trouble.

Speaking of deep trouble, let's jump over to Miami where Bieber was allegedly drag racing and was charged with DUI, resisting arrest and driving with an invalid license. Though initial reports said the rented Lambourghini's GPS clocked that car at only 27 MPH when he was pulled over by the police, which is under the speed limit, TMZ is reporting here is more to this story.

He may not have been speeding when he got busted but Bieber's Lambo reportedly reached speeds of 136 MPH earlier in the evening.

We shall see if that speed winds up added to the case when Bieber appears in court on March 3 in Miami.

Just one week later, Bieber is due to appear in a Toronto court related to charges of assaulting a limo driver last December.

Oh, and that White House petition to deport Bieber? It needs to hit 100,000 signatures to get an official response. It's now over 250,000.

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