02/10/2014 01:20 EST | Updated 02/10/2014 01:59 EST

Dog Found Muzzled, Hogtied In Calgary Alley


Calgary police are investigating another case of animal cruelty after a dog was found hogtied and muzzled in an alleyway late last week.

According to CTV News, Radar, a three-year-old white Akita-Husky mix, was found in a Whitehorn alley with his legs tied together with a plastic rope and his mouth bound shut with a leather belt.

Owner Cameron Edmonds said he went to check on his dogs in the backyard Friday afternoon and realized Radar wasn't there.

“As soon I realized he wasn’t coming when I was calling him, I realized something was wrong,” he said to CTV.

Edmonds told the Calgary Sun he went on a search for the dog and found him two hours later, tied up in a snowbank about four blocks from their house.

“Radar looked like he was unconscious, but when he heard noises around him he seemed to come around and started to struggle,” said Edmond's fiancee, Alyssa Hatfield.

“He was crying and screaming.”

Edmonds said whoever took Radar from the yard must have put in a lot of effort to open the gated fence, as a build-up of ice and snow was blocking the lower part of the gate.

Radar, who had a hard time walking after the ordeal, was immediately taken to the vet.

Hatfield posted on the Southern Alberta Pet Connection Facebook page that "Radar is currently at home awaiting treats, love, and cuddles."

Radar's ordeal is similar to the deaths of a dog and cat last month in the community of Willow Park.

The two animals were found emaciated and with their mouths taped shut in the same alley in southeast Calgary.

The Calgary Humane Society says its investigators have searched a "residence of interest" in that case, but no charges have been laid.

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