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Westminster Kennel Club Dogs Are Completely Adorable In 2014

TIMOTHY CLARY via Getty Images
Bulldogs in the judging ring at Pier 92 and 94 in New York City for the first day of competition at the 138th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show February 10, 2014. The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is a two-day, all-breed benched show that takes place at both Pier 92 and 94 and at Madison Square Garden in New York City . AFP PHOTO / Timothy Clary (Photo credit should read TIMOTHY CLARY/AFP/Getty Images)

While many people "ooh" and "aah" over cute puppies when they see them, there's only one time of the year when those judgments mean something, and that time has come with the 2014 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

The longest running sporting event in the U.S. apart from the Kentucky Derby, Westminster proudly announced the inclusion of mixed breeds for the first time this year for the new agility competition (i.e. obstacle courses). Of the seven groups of dogs that participate in the events (Sporting, Hound, Working, Terrier, Toy, Non-Sporting, and Herding), terriers have won an overwhelming 45 times.

If that all sounds like a lot of confusing dog speak, then you're probably just wondering one thing — where are the cute dogs? You're in luck, dear reader, because that's what we were wondering as well. So without further ado ...

Check out more adorable shots from the competitions and backstage here:

Cutest Dogs At Westminster

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