02/11/2014 10:01 EST | Updated 04/13/2014 05:59 EDT

Vancouver's Black Bond Books opening new paperback store

An independent book retailer in Vancouver is launching a new store because it says business is making a comeback.

Two years ago, four Book Warehouses were forced to close their doors in part because new e-readers like the Amazon Kindle were replacing paperbacks.

Shortly thereafter, Vancouver's Black Bond Books purchased its flagship store on West Broadway.

"I think people got scared about Amazon and e-readers and things like that. And a lot of people thought it's all doom and gloom and everything is awful. But our 10 stores have been going strong for quite a while now," said Black Bond Books manager Mary-Ann Yazedjian.

Business has been so strong, in fact, Yazedjian says the company is opening another location on Main Street.

"We're really excited to be going forward, to be opening a new store when people are saying 'Oh, it's so terrible.'" 

Other community-based book retailers insist paperbacks are flying off their shelves too.

Christopher Brayshaw, co-owner of Pulp Fiction Books in Mount Pleasant, said last year was the store's busiest yet. He said it has learned to compete with companies like Amazon.

"My little rust-bucket Subaru with 340K on it comes trembling out to you door."

Black Bond Books' new store opens in May.