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The Best (Read: Worst) #Travelpickuplines To Use On Valentine's Day

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TO GO WITH AFP STORY BY BONIFACE MURUTAMPUNZI A couple kisses at the Pont des Arts where padlocks are attached to the railing, on August 30, 2013 in Paris. Due to security reason authorities consider removing the 'Love locks' that have been attached to the Pont des Arts bridge since 2008 by thousand of lovers.AFP PHOTO / PATRICK KOVARIK (Photo credit should read PATRICK KOVARIK/AFP/Getty Images)

Let's face it: There's something undeniably attractive about someone who travels.

Perhaps it's their passion for change and adventure, their ability to soak up knowledge in far-flung places. Maybe it's the colour of the skin they've developed after lounging on a beach for hours on end. Or it could be the physique they've developed after months of hiking and backpacking across Europe.

Between the brains, beauty, and brawn, travellers seem like a perfect package.

And yet, to date someone who travels remains a hot-button topic of contention. Writers have penned blogs about dating a traveller, not dating a traveller, and how everyone should shut up and date whoever they want. But none have really addressed the real issue here: If you've got the hots for a globe-trotter, how do you kick things off?

Our advice is to muster up as much confidence as you can and come prepared with a pick up line. Just not any of these pick up lines.

  • If You're In Mexico...
  • If You're In Norway...
  • If You're In The Caribbean...
  • If You're In Central America...
  • If You're In The U.A.E...
  • If You're Stuck At An Airport...

Happy Valentine's Day!

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