02/12/2014 06:57 EST | Updated 02/13/2014 05:59 EST

Tieja MacLaughlin Free After Making Deal With Prosecutors

KevinUretsky/KVEW TV

Tieja MacLaughlin, a freelance journalist from B.C. charged in the United States after allegedly threatening to kill her junior hockey player boyfriend, Jackson Playfair, is free to return to Canada.

According to Castanet, MacLaughlin made a plea agreement Wednesday afternoon in a Kennewick, WA courtroom. The terms of the agreement — which did not include an admission of guilt — mean that the Canadian is placed on probation and is required to undergo counselling. If she meets the conditions, which also include having no contact with 19-year-old Playfair, the case will be dropped in 12 months.

The judge approved an amended charge from felony harassment to misdemeanor harassment, reported KNDU-TV.

"So at this point in time I'm not concerned about anything else other than going home," MacLaughlin said outside the courtroom, reports KVEW TV. "I've been here four weeks. It's been emotionally exhausting, not only for me but for my family too and financially as well.

"We've taken a big hit so at this point in time I'm just concerned with getting myself back home to Canada."

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