02/13/2014 12:31 EST | Updated 04/15/2014 05:59 EDT

Drake slams Rolling Stone for putting Hoffman on cover

Note to Drake: Complaining about a dead actor usurping your place on the cover of Rolling Stone may not be a popular move.

On Thursday, the Toronto-raised rapper tweeted about his frustration that the magazine had switched its cover plans after the sudden death of Philip Seymour Hoffman, meaning that Drake wouldn’t be on the cover.

According to Drake’s tweets, the magazine "took my cover from me last minute and ran the issue."

"I’m disgusted with that. RIP to Phillip Seymour Hoffman. All respect due. But the press is evil," he continued, in an accompanying tweet that misspelled the actor's first name.

Those tweets later disappeared from the @Drake account, though a third tweet, which followed them, was left online.

"I’m done doing interviews for magazines. I just want to give my music to the people. That’s the only way my message gets across accurately."

Drake’s tweets about the actor led to a torrent of tweets slamming him for his insensitivity.

In one of the harsher examples, a Twitter user invited Drake to "drop dead at your earliest convenience. You get to be in a lot of covers that way."

Another Twitter user suggested that somebody call the so-called "WAHHHMBULANCE," hinting at the performer’s wounded pride over losing the cover spot.

His apparent move to delete the offending tweets didn’t please everybody either:

There were also a few defenders, including one woman who said that his hometown wouldn’t turn its back on him:

A user named Angela posted a message suggesting that any conversation with the press is "always twisted" and should simply be disregarded.

Someone else on Twitter suggested the entire incident could be fodder for a future album:

Drake’s interview with Rolling Stone had already made headlines, after rumours circulated online that he had criticized the lyrics of a recent Kanye West song.

That’s what started off one of the two tweets that vanished form Drake’s account on Thursday.

He tweeted that he "never commented" on West’s new album Yeezus "for my interview portion of Rolling Stone."