02/13/2014 03:30 EST | Updated 04/15/2014 05:59 EDT

Olympic skater Kevin Reynolds, through former coaches' eyes

Olympic skater Kevin Reynolds may be best known for his technical accomplishments, but two coaches who have worked with him say the silver medallist has really improved artistically.

The North Vancouver figure skater is the only person to have landed five quadruple jumps in one competition.

Megan Wing, a former coach of Reynolds from 8 Rinks in Burnaby, B.C.says his artistic performance has also got better.

"I think over the last couple years he's really progressed as an artist. He had the jumps from early on, the technical skills. But being able to really perform, he's improved that a lot," said Wing. 

Reynolds had a bit of a rough performance in the long program, saying he wasn't quite on his game. Wing says what that means depends on his personality.

"Some people like to come from behind, and they're a fighter. They've got something to prove, and will really go for it.

"Other people might be a bit defeated by it. So it just depends how he takes it, and if he can change his mindset, and attack the long program with renewed vigour."

Fellow coach Aaron Lowe doesn't think it will matter. "Either way, he's coming home with a silver medal."