02/13/2014 02:31 EST | Updated 02/13/2014 03:59 EST

Shirtless Winter Olympians Make The 2014 Sochi Olympics So Much Better (PHOTOS)

Here's the one thing the Summer Olympics has over the 2014 Winter Olympics: shirtless Olympians.

Yes, the Winter Olympics has hot men with beards, ah-mazing figure skating outfits and cool curling pants but sometimes we wish one of the events included shirtless luge or shirtless speed skating.

Even agreed:

So thank heavens for the Canadian moguls ski team.

On Thursday, mogul skiier Audrey Robichaud posted a Twitter photo of three hotties members of the team, Philippe Marquis, Marc-Antoine Gagnon and Mikael Kingsbury posing sans shirts.

The guys were cheering for teammate Alex Beaulieu Marchand, who was competing for the slopestyle podium.

Although Marchand didn't get a medal, he was still stoked about the support from his hot teammates and posted his own Twitter picture of the shirtless Olympians.

So here's our plea to male Olympians: please post more shirtless pics! Sincerely, the team of HuffPost Canada Style. XOXO!

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