02/13/2014 07:37 EST | Updated 04/15/2014 05:59 EDT

Sports fans watch Olympics from backyard igloo

Who needs a bar, or a living room, or even heating? A circle of friends in Kitchener, Ont., are instead enjoying the action from Sochi from the comfort of their very own igloo. 

Cousins Patrick Madureira and Stefan Sabados started work on the backyard project, on a whim, in January. 

"This was one of our best, stupid ideas," said Sabados. "It was just so appropriate." 

They made the blocks by packing blue recycling boxes with snow. The igloo took about 100 hours to build and includes a big-screen TV, plenty of seating, Wi-Fi and a barbecue. 

At one point they decided to use it as a sort of Olympic viewing lounge. 

"Watching it in the igloo — it feels very weird. It's very Canadian," said Madureira. 

"We can't get more supportive than this. It just puts a smile on peoples' faces as soon as they walk in."