02/14/2014 01:51 EST | Updated 02/14/2014 01:59 EST

Medicine Hat Woman Charged After Playing Neknominate Dare

Ricardo Cosmo via Getty Images

A Medicine Hat woman has been charged with careless driving in relation to a dangerous online drinking game called Neknominate.

According to Medicine Hat police, the woman was being videotaped by a friend in the passenger seat while she opened and drank an alcoholic beverage while driving. She then posted the video to her Facebook page and challenged two other people to engage in a drinking stunt of their own.

Someone complained to police and charges were laid earlier this week.

Neknominate originated in Australia earlier this year, with participants posting images of themselves chugging beer, before nominating others to do the same via tagging, creating a chain letter-type reaction.

"If you receive a nomination do not feel influenced or pressured to participate in this high risk behavior that could have very real and serious consequences," Medicine Hat police reminded Albertans in a statement, referencing deaths linked to the game.

"While it may seem like fun at the time, the range of negative consequences is no laughing matter."

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