02/17/2014 08:55 EST | Updated 04/19/2014 05:59 EDT

Canada's men's hockey team anthem penned by Montreal artist

A Montreal musician is hoping to unite Canadians from coast to coast with an anthem penned for the Canadian men’s Olympic hockey team.

Hip-hop artist Annakin Slayd’s “Stay Gold” name-drops players and iconic Canadian locales, with a scattering of inspirational messages and cries of "Go Canada Go" for the Olympic team.

“I mentioned Robson Street, I mentioned the CN Tower, I mentioned Ste-Catherine [Street],” Slayd said. “It’s like we’re all coming together — the Prairies, the Atlantic.”

The accompanying music video features Slayd, aka Andrew Farrar, skating around on an ice rink and splices in action shots from previous Olympic hockey games.

Slayd is known for his sports-related songs, particularly hockey and baseball. He wrote and performed an ode to Expos legend Gary Carter shortly after he died two years ago.

He said “Stay Gold” was written as more of a rallying of support than a personal account. Even so, he told Daybreak host Mike Finnerty on Monday that he still remembers where he was when Team Canada won gold in Games.

He said he even left the set of the George Clooney-directed Confessions Of a Dangerous Mind in 2002 when game time loomed near.

“This Team Canada thing only comes along every four years. It’s one of those amazing things. I think we all know where we were in 2002 when they won, and 2010 of course, which was arguably even more epic because it was on home ice,” Slayd said.

The gold-medal match in men’s hockey will be broadcast live on the CBC network on the morning of Sunday, Feb. 23.