02/17/2014 09:54 EST | Updated 02/17/2014 09:59 EST

Don Cherry In Sochi: Funny Hats, Crazy Suits And More (PHOTOS)

With people around the world finding ways to watch CBC's awesome Olympics coverage, some viewers are being exposed to a Canadian institution for the first time: Don Cherry.

Regular Coach's Corner watchers are all too familiar with Cherry's mix of bluster and sartorial flair. Well, it looks like the 80-year-old Cherry brought his A-game to Sochi.

First of all, his suits. Cherry rocked this questionable blue suit with gold dragons.

But wacky suits are nothing new for Grapes. Would he bring anything new to the Olympics? Oh yes, he did. Cherry paired a suit with a purple floral pattern with a couple of fuzzy hats in the shape of the Sochi mascots.

And why not make it a full-set.

Glad to see he's having fun in Russia, drinking beer, seeing the sights.

But what about the hockey commentary? Not surprisingly, Don's been vocal in saying that anything but a gold medal would be a disappointment for Canada.

Of course, Cherry, who doesn't seem to like European players much, is probably not earning many rave reviews from some of his new international viewers. Case in point, this message from a Swedish viewer to a Canadian friend.

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